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                                        Climate News in 2009

Climate Change 101: Does CO2 Cause Global Warming? Examiner, December 30, 2009. In an interview with Dr. Fred Singer, one of the leading atmospheric physicists in the world, on CO2, Dr. Singer reminds us that CO2 is essential for life on earth and calling CO2 a pollutant is silly. The EPA's endangerment ruling was based on the indefensible claims of the IPCC, which has been shown to be politically motivated and biased. CO2 only becomes dangerous to health at concentrations 20 times that of today. If carbon dioxide caused global warming, the greatest concentrations would be in the upper troposphere where it would cause the greatest warming. Numerous studies have shown this to be false.
Hacked Emails Show Systematic Pattern of Deliberate Climate Distortion. December 19-20. As more of the 1000 plus hacked CRU emails are read, a shocking pattern of deliberate corruption of global warming research and reporting is emerging. An American Thinker posting of "A Climatology Conspiracy" reveals a series of emails detailing how the CRU group conspired with the editor of the International Journal of Climatology to delay publication for over a year of a peer-reviewed article clearly showing computer climate models do not predict reality. The delay allowed the CRU group time to write a vitriolic, but knowingly false and un-reviewed, rebuttal reminiscent of the Medieval Inquisition. Another article in the Financial Post, "Lawrence Solomon: Wikipedia's Climate Doctor," details how the emails show Lawrence Solomon got to be Wikipedia's gatekeeper on global warming information and how he then rewrote 5,428 climate articles, and totally deleted another 500, thereby purging any information that cast doubt on the mantra that man caused global warming. One of the casualties of his eraser was the Medieval Optimum 1000 years ago even though hundreds of research papers showed the temperature was about 1½o warmer than it is today. "The Science Mantra" published by the National Review details how the deletion of the surface temperature raw data, and the subsequent cover-up revealed by the emails, shows that scientists, politicians and the media will do anything to ensure the continuation of a theory that builds their ego and personal agendas. One only has to look back to Galileo and Columbus to witness the damage "scientific" consensus can do to distort reality.
Time for a Climate Change Plan B. Wall Street Journal, December 22, 2009. The world's political leaders, not least President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, are in a state of severe, almost clinical, denial. While claiming a major "breakthrough" in Copenhagen, the UN meeting was a complete and utter failure. Just one more nudge, and it will be a done deal; or so they claim. This is pure nonsense. The only winners were China and India. Nothing was accomplished, except, perhaps, a non-binding commitment by the developed nations to provide $30 billion of "climate aid" over the next three years to developing nations. The reason for the failure was the enormous economy-breaking cost and, more importantly, the fact that the Third World, led by China and India, has to have carbon-based fuels to get themselves out of abject poverty.
Fraud in Europe's Cap and trade System a 'Red Flag,' Critics Say. Fox News, December 19, 2009. Europol, the EU's "FBI," has uncovered massive corruption throughout the entire European carbon trading system that involves 90 percent of all carbon trading. This corruption involved Europe's value added tax, something that proponents of cap and trade in the US say is not applicable to a US system, if the Senate passes cap and trade in the US. Critics say that corruption in California's 1990s cap and trade efforts provide an example of what could happen in the US. The EPA and Justice Department are not prepared to handle this kind of giant Bernie Madoff-like scheme. Potentially worse, political corruption is almost guaranteed whereby some industries/companies are favored by giving them more carbon credits while others are penalized by cutting the number of allocated credits. Note: this is something we have been warning of for over a year. 
Czech President Klaus: Global Warming a 'New Religion.' Fox News, December 18, 2009. President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic claimed global warming is a 'new religion," not a science.... This is a religion which tells us that the people are responsible for the current, very small increase in temperatures. And they should be punished." Often called the Margaret Thatcher of Central Europe, Klaus claimed the issue was perfect for politicians to pontificate and spend money, but not solve anything. Since their mistake won't be revealed until 2020 or even 2200, the voters cannot punish them. In the meantime, rent seekers will grow fat off the government trough; which means the taxpayers backs. This "irrational ideology" could even impede civilization, he says. Note: it would, not could, impede civilization.
Leaders, Activists Throwing in the Towel in Copenhagen? Fox News, December 18, 2009. The Copenhagen climate conference has apparently collapsed without an agreement amide an atmosphere of distrust. The main sticking points are China's refusal for verification, the US refusal for immediate and deeper carbon emission cuts, and some Third World nations holding out for $200 billion a year in assistance, after the US and the EU promised at least $100 billion. Congressman Joe Barton, (R-TX) said this was "greenmail" after Venezuelan President Chaves owes this to the world after "raping the planet." The biggest casualty may be Obama's political credibility. At last report Obama was still meeting with China, so watch out for a "miracle" being pulled out of the hat to save the day. In the meantime, Fox also reports a number of countries, led by France and Britain are moving forward to create a new, global environmental regulator they call "International Environmental Governance." This effort, under way since the mid 1990s, now seems to be gaining traction. Note: We have been following this since 1999.
Developed Nations Hide Nefarious Aims under Green Cloak. Business Day, December 17, 2009. We have heard the past week and a half that global warming will kill tens of thousands of people in Third World Nations. However, Third World nations do not see it that way (except when they are trying to extort money out of the US). For decades these poor nations have viewed environmental groups from rich nations as waging a campaign to prevent them from ever getting out of abject poverty. They believe Copenhagen is a plan of the developed nations to maintain their living standards, while keeping the developing world in a state of destitution. This is nothing more than neo-colonialism or financial imperialism. Poverty will kill far more people than global warming ever would, even it is really occurring.
Little Hope for UN Climate Deal. Fox News, December 17, 2009. As the heads of state began negotiating today, there is little hope of something substantive coming out of the meetings. However, the Christian Science Monitor notes that the negotiations during the 1997 Kyoto meeting that led to the Kyoto Protocol, were seemingly hopeless in the last three days and they hammered out the protocol at the last minute. Still unresolved are emission targets, aid to Third World countries and enforcement (including tariffs). Fox News reported that Secretary of State Clinton has agreed this morning that the US would contribute up to $10 billion of the joint $100 billion per year aid package to Third World Nations. The aid, however, is conditional on China agreeing to sign the agreement. That is in response to Politico reporting today the announcement this morning that China would not sign the agreement. However, China's announcement could be a negotiating tactic, which is common for China. If they hold firm, it will be a major blow to the Democrats who have already passed a draconian cap and trade bill in the House, and are well on their way to doing so in the Senate. President Obama arrives tomorrow. Note: the Earth's future literally hangs on what happens the next 24-36 hours.
Prospect of Global Warming Pact Fades in Copenhagen. Bloomberg, December 16, 2009. Envoys from China, the U.S., the European Union and India, the world’s top polluters, have bickered, quarreled and walked out during talks among 193 nations. They’ve left presidents and prime ministers a choice between a fudge or a flop for the accord that the United Nations framed as the most comprehensive deal to curb global warming. Third World nations, led by China, have walked out because of a secret deal between developed nations last week to force the developing nations to commit economic suicide. The new deal would require steep reductions in greenhouse emissions with minimal financial aid from the developed nations. In addition, the aid, rather than going through the UN to the Third World, would instead go to the IMF and World Bank for distribution.  The Third World believes these entities have looted poorer countries with crippling debts that cannot be paid back, forcing the countries to hand over their natural resources and infrastructure to the globalists. This neo-colonialism is something we have been warning about for years. Note: Even though climate agreements may fall short, watch for language implementing global governance.
Most Back a Treaty on Global Warming. USA Today, December 14, 2009. (This is a long summary, but bear with us as it is very important) A solid majority (58%-38%) of Americans support the idea of a global treaty that would require the US to reduce significantly greenhouse gas emissions. This tracks well with a November Roper Poll that shows that 58% also support cap and trade in the US Senate. In the Roper Poll, 66% believed that they knew a moderate to a great deal about global warming. However, it is obvious they are woefully ignorant. When the Roper Poll also asked if they would support cap and trade legislation that would raise their electricity costs by a mere $10 a month, 59% opposed the legislation. When asked if the legislation raised their power bills by $25/mo., 78% opposed it. Analysis after analysis has shown that cap and trade would double the cost of electricity, increase gasoline costs by at least 50 percent and eventually cost every family many thousands of dollars a year. Rather than being knowledgeable about the issue these results show the American people to be very uninformed. Their knowledge depends entirely upon the mainstream media which has dogmatically and blatantly shown only one side of this complex issue. Learn more about global warming and cap and trade by going to www.nocapandtrade.us and watch the short YouTube videos.
Global Warming Talks Hit Hurdle. AP, December 13, 2009. At the 192-nation United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, the European Union, Japan and Australia joined the United States in criticizing a draft global-warming pact that says major developing nations must rein in greenhouse gases, but only if they have outside financing. Rich nations want to require developing nations to limit emissions, with or without financial help.
The Little Man Behind the Curtain. Las Vegas Review-Journal, December 13, 2009. (A salient opinion column) The big casualty of Climategate is not the rejection of the science supporting man-caused global warming, but science itself. "Because 'science' said so, all the world was about to undertake a vast reordering of human behavior at almost unimaginable financial cost." "What those [in the CRU] have accomplished is to require that the world now presume, in self-defense, that any state-funded 'science' is little more than government-funded propaganda to justify taxing us, regulating us and advancing national socialism under a new, green flag."
Copenhagen Global Warming Draft Pints to Hard Bargaining Ahead. Christian Science Monitor, December 11, 2009. Developed nations agree not to let global temps rise above 2oC while developing nations want the maximum to be 1.5oC. Midterm targets (starting in 2013) would range of 25-40 percent reduction from 1990 levels while long-term reductions range from 50-95 percent reduction. There is general agreement that developed nations would provide $10 billion per year between 2010 and 2012, and should be increased to $100 billion starting in 2013. The latter agreement will be hammered out next week when the heads of state arrive. Note: This more than expected a month ago, so watch what happens next week.
Al Gore--Warming Skeptics in "Air of Unreality." CBS News, December 10, 2009. Former Vice President Al Gore said today that the evidence of global warming is unequivocal and that those who claim otherwise -- such as Sarah Palin -- "persist in an air of unreality." Note: Al Gore is 180 degrees wrong on every scientific statement. It is hard to understand how he and others can say these things in the face of real science. He claims skeptics live in unreality. Skeptics say Gore does. The science supports the skeptics. See www.nocapandtrade.us to learn more about the real science vs. the agenda.
UN Climate Chief Cashes in on Carbon Trading. WorldNetDaily, December 11, 2009. A Mumbai-based Indian multinational conglomerate with business ties to Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman since 2002 of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, stands to make several hundred million dollars in European Union carbon credits simply by closing a steel production facility in Britain with the loss of 1,700 jobs. The Tata Group to receive $2 billion for plant closure. Again, cap and trade breeds corruption. It is reported Al Gore will become a billionaire if cap and trade passes in the US.
Beyond Debate. Times Higher Education, December 11, 2009. Is belief in global-warming science another example of the "madness of crowds"? That strange but powerful social phenomenon, first described by Charles Mackay in 1841, turns a widely shared prejudice into an irresistible "authority", not unlike the Inquisition. Could it indeed represent the final triumph of irrationality?
Al Gore--Warming Skeptics in "Air of Unreality." CBS News, December 9, 2009. Former Vice President Al Gore said today that the evidence of global warming is unequivocal and that those who claim otherwise -- such as Sarah Palin -- "persist in an air of unreality." Note: Al Gore is 180 degrees wrong on every scientific statement. It is hard to understand how he and others can say these things in the face of real science. He claims skeptics live in unreality. Skeptics say Gore does. The science supports the skeptics. See www.nocapandtrade.us to learn more about the real science vs. the agenda.
Obligatory Global Warming Article. Portland Examiner, December 9, 2009. Global warming has become fully politicized and ideologued. Politicians and the politically connected who stand to gain vast power, vast wealth, and/or vast ego expansion simply don't care about science, other than using "science" (i.e., tax grant-purchased sciency-sounding pronouncements) as a means to their ends.
Famous Weather Scientist: Climategate 'Tip of Iceberg'. "The recent 'ClimateGate' revelations coming out of the UK University of East Anglia are but the tip of a giant iceberg of a well organized international climate warming conspiracy that has been gathering momentum for the last 25 years,"

Copenhagen Climate Summit in Disarray. Guardian UK, December 8, 2009. The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN's role in all future climate change negotiations. Note: This is not necessarily good news. Stay tuned!

Obama Has Extreme EPA CO2 Regulations in Pocket for Copenhagen After All. Fox News, December 7, 2009. The EPA will announce today that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are a threat to public health and have thousands of pages of new regulations to curb it. It is designed to give Obama a major coo at the Copenhagen meeting that started today. The US envoy to Copenhagen called Climategate a "small blip," as expected. Note: This has been in the works for two years. The EPA regs are far worse than the Senate cap and trade bill ever hoped to be. For background read "Twilight Zone to Lunacy"

Exposing the Global Warming Lie. nocapandtrade.us, December 5, 2009. An in-depth review by Dr. Michael Coffman on the real facts and truth behind the Climate Research Unit's effort to manipulate climate data and shape the global warming debate. Note: Important background as Copenhagen gets underway amongst proclamations that the hacked emails do not change the treat of man-made global warming.

Liberal Media Continue to Suppress Phony Global Warming Scam. Examiner.com, December 4, 2009. "On Fox news today it was pointed out that neither CBS, nor NBC, nor ABC had any news that covered this enormously important news clip regarding the emails that show the evidence of corruption in the global warming scam. The liberal media appears more interested in propaganda than fact. This is clearly evident in their blatant suppression of pertinent news that counters their political philosophy. It is sad to see this level of corruption.

NASA Also Hiding Climate Data? Washington Times, December 3, 2009. Christopher C. Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said NASA has refused for two years to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act that would show how the agency has shaped its climate data and explain why the agency has repeatedly had to correct its data dating as far back as the 1930s. He is about to sue NASA.

Fallout Over "Climategate" Data Leak Grows. CBS News, December 2, 2009. Ripples created by the disclosure of global warming files now being called "Climategate" continue to spread, with the temporary removal of Phil Jones, its head. Congressional attention growing with calls to freeze all action.
Australia's Parliament Defeats Global Warming Bill. AP, December 2, 2009. Australia's plans for an emissions trading system to combat global warming were scuttled Wednesday in Parliament, handing a defeat to a government that had hoped to set an example at international climate change talks next week.

UK Climate Scientist to Temporarily Step Down. AP, December 1, 2009. LONDON — Britain's University of East Anglia says the director of its prestigious Climatic Research Unit is stepping down (finally) pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate change. Note: the hacked or released emails painted Jones and his associates as schemers who were not above cooking the books while demonizing all opposition; even to the point of getting them fired.

On Climate Data, Trends and Peer Review. New York Times, November 30, 2009. CRU is not the only group in the world that is tracking the change in global-average near-surface temperature. There are three other groups; NOAA; NASA, JMA. Note: The other three data sets track the CRU data quite well. However, additional studies have shown that data manipulation and the heat island effect greatly skews the NOAA and NASA data so that it shows a much higher warming than reality. Published articles clearly show the temperature rise since 1980 would be cut in half if corrected.

Global Warming Fraud Uncovered. Tribune.com, November 27, 2009. Many scientists have tried to obtain raw data utilized by CRU associated scientists. They have been repeatedly denied the data. The emails clearly show this is deliberate and done to hide the data manipulation the CRU has done to show man-caused warming. Exposing the fraud is important because the group of researchers at CRU is heavily involved in the U.N. IPPC and has been considered the “authoritative source” for policies and procedures currently under development with the United Nations, Great Britain, the United States and other countries.

Scientists Forged Climate Research to Create Warming Hoax. In Flanders Fields, November 20-27. "The general picture of the series of emails is one of conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, manipulation of data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, and organized resistance to disclosure." Note: Read for yourself. A to-date list of all the damning emails in the authors' original emails can be found at Bishops Media.

Global Warming Is Dead, Soon to Follow--Mainstream Media. Political Lore, November 26, 2009. "The lack of media attention to this so called “climategate” is unbelievable. I do not even know if we can even call it “climategate”, as nobody seems to acknowledge that it has happened. Of course Fox News has brought it up, as well as numerous talk show hosts but, there has been no trace of coverage almost anywhere else."
Cap and Trade is Dead. Wall Street Journal, Opinion, November 26, 2009. "The more than 3,000 emails and documents from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) that have found their way to the Internet have blown the lid off the "science" of manmade global warming. CRU is a nerve center for many of those researchers who have authored the United Nations' global warming reports and fueled the political movement to regulate carbon."

Global Warming Accelerates; Climategate Rumbles On. Reuters Blogs, November 25, 2009. Note: The article presents a reasonably balanced discussion of the recent hacked emails (now called climategate), and a new report authored by 26 scientists, some of whom are directly involved in climategate. The report is based on fear; the polar icecap is melting and ocean levels are rising. Neither of these are true, but they make for good fear mongering of the type implied in the hacked emails.

Lawmakers Probe Climate Emails. Wall Street Journal, November 24, 2009. Congressional Republicans have started investigating climate scientists whose hacked emails suggest they tried to squelch dissenting views about global warming. They are focusing on John Holdren, science advisor to Obama and one of the correspondents, and any set of conclusions that have been made suspect by the revelations that have been used by the EPA and others in their policy recommendations. Note: This exposure seems to be gaining traction. Their are numerous calls for the head of the CRU, Phil Jones to resign..

Lord Lawson Calls for Public Inquiry into UEA Global Warming Data 'manipulation.' London Telegraph, November 23, 2009. This morning Lord Lawson demanded that the apparent deception at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) be fully investigated. He claimed that the credibility of the university's world-renowned CRU - and British science - were under threat.

E-Mail Leak Turns Up Heat on Global Warming Advocates. Boston Globe, November 21, 2009. Must Read "In an embarrassing blow to the movement to combat global warming, hackers have posted hundreds of e-mails from a world-renowned British institute that show researchers colluding to exaggerate warming and undermine skeptics. Note: there are dozens of articles on this story around the world today.

Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute. New York Times, November 20, 2009. Several scientists and others contacted by The New York Times confirmed that they were the authors or recipients of specific e-mail messages included in the file. Note: It is impressive that the scientists writing the damning emails admitted that they did. While guilty of a conspiracy to manipulate data and public opinion, they at least admit to their deliberate distortions.

Hacked emails Reveal Massive Global Warming Fraud. WorldNetDaily, November 20, 2009. Must Read Emails and documents hacked from the University of East Angelica's Climate Research Unit show a systematic pattern of deliberately manipulating data to show man-caused global warming. They also had a plan to discredit skeptics who disagreed with the man-caused hypothesis. This is the same institution we reported last September 23rd who keeps all of the global climate records and deliberately deleted the raw data so no one could verify their results. Note: This is huge. It discredits most of the global warming research done in the past 25 years!

Some Scientists 'Baffled' by Lack of Global Warming. The Dakota Voice, November 19, 2009. "It’s no wonder the number of people who believe the man-caused global warming hypothesis has been dwindling. As people begin to push themselves away from the table of media pop-culture pap and start to learn a little about the issue, they quickly realize the whole ball of hysteria just doesn’t pass the smell test of credibility."

Senator Inhofe Declares Victory in Speech on Global Warming. Tulsa News, November 19, 2009.  “I proudly declare 2009 as the ‘Year of the Skeptic,’ the year in which scientists who question the so-called global warming consensus are being heard... Until this year, any scientist, reporter or politician who dared raise even the slightest suspicion about the science behind global warming was dismissed and repeatedly mocked.’’

Clean Energy is Pure Fantasy. Personal Liberty Digest, November 18, 2009. Physicist Howard Hayden at the University of Connecticut sums up the fallacy of clean energy: “Imagine a one-mile swath of wind turbines extending from San Francisco to Los Angeles. That land area would be required to produce as much power around the clock as one large coal, natural gas, or nuclear power station that normally occupies about one square kilometer.” Solar energy isn't any better. It can cost 10 to 20 times more than electricity produced by coal.

Climate Change Sounds Much Sweeter. Examiner.com, November 17, 2009. Cap and trade is something that will have astronomical economic repercussions; and beyond that, all that most people probably know about what it is as well as its implications is that it has an obscure connection to President Obama's administration's 'green initiative'. Note: in other words, ignorance about this issue reigns supreme. You can also participate in a vote in this article.

Global Warming; Elusive, Economically Problematic for American Taxpayers. The DePauw, November 17, 2009. When the earth started cooling ten years ago, alarmists rebranded global warming into "climate change." "Armed with inconclusive evidence, incorrect climate models and a movie starring Al Gore, eco-groups embarked on a new crusade: to convince the world that Earth's cooling was only temporary and would eventually lead to greater warming in the future if immediate 'action' was not taken."

Asian Cold Water on Global Warming. Investor's Business Daily, November 16, 2009. "If there's good news from Saturday's APEC summit, it's Asia's ninja blow to a global climate pact in Copenhagen. The dynamic region recognized the economy-killer for what it was and refused to commit suicide."

What Dose Delaying Climate Change Agreement Mean? LA Times, November 16, 2009. "The House has already passed a climate bill. Scaled-back action in Copenhagen could help push a Senate bill over the top by securing pledges for emissions reductions from China and India, and thereby reassuring moderate Rust Belt Democrats." Be alert!

World Leaders Will Delay Climate Change Agreement. New York Times, November 14, 2009. President Obama and other world leaders have decided to postpone a climate change agreement at Copenhagen, agreeing instead to make it the mission of the Copenhagen conference to reach a less specific “politically binding” agreement that would punt the most difficult issues into the future. Note: this is great news, but watch out for the substitute.

Global Warming Is Not Our Fault, Say Most Britons. London Times, November 14, 2009. Only 41 per cent of Britons accept as an established scientific fact that global warming is taking place and is largely man-made. Almost a third (32 per cent) believe that the link is not yet proved; 8 per cent say that it is environmentalist propaganda to blame man and 15 per cent say that the world is not warming. Note: this is about the same breakdown with American polls.

Obama Struggles to Turn Global Warming Talk Into Action. Washington Examiner, November 13, 2009. President Obama meets with the world's biggest polluter, China, next week. His meeting to discuss Copenhagen with Chinese President Hu Jintao will likely produce nothing. However, China wants to destroy the US, so he may give a little to get the US to support and sign a strong Copenhagen agreement.
Climate Bill Likely on the Shelf For Rest of the Year. Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2009. Key Senate Democrats Tuesday said it is unlikely there will be any more major committee action on climate-change legislation this year, the strongest indication yet that a comprehensive bill to cut greenhouse-gas emissions won't be voted on until at least next year. Note: While probably true, watch for a backdoor attempt to get it rammed through just before the Christmas break.

Global Warming Skeptic Tells Group That Cure Is Worse Than Problem. Huntsville Times, November 11, 2009. Dr. John Christy, one of the leading atmospheric physicists in the world and, along with Dr. Roy Spencer, developed the satellite sensor array for earth's temperatures, provides an easy to understand reason why science doesn't support global warming alarms. Even if it did, he said, "current proposals to fix things won't work and might make life worse."

Don't Buy Those Carbon Credits Just Yet. Washington Examiner, November 10, 2009. Both the House and Senate cap and trade bills have provisions giving the president sweeping powers to do whatever necessary to stop CO2 emissions if the atmospheric levels climb above 450 ppm. While the current average today is about 385 ppm, it could peak above 450 next year.

Australian Prime Minister Goes Hysterical Over Global Warming. New American, November 9, 2009.  According to PM Rudd, opponents of the UN climate change treaty are "Provoking fear campaigns in every country they can; blocking or delaying domestic legislation in every country they can; with the objective of slowing and if possible destroying the momentum towards a global deal on climate change." Provoking fear? The only ones provoking fear are Rudd, Gore, the UN and their ilk.

Coalition MPs Deny Man-made Climate Change. ABC News, November 9, 2009. The Australian Senate already voted down Australia's cap and trade legislation last August. After the tirade of Prime Minister Rudd on August 6 where he accused the Senate of holding the world ransom, the Senate again affirmed that most of the Senate liberals do not believe man is causing global warming.

All Hope is Lost for Copenhagen Climate Treaty.  London Times, November 6, 2009. A full agreement at Copenhagen next month will be DOA. The full agreement will not be ready for at least a year, say officials. The best that can be hoped for is for non-binding agreements on emission cuts and payments to poor countries. All evidence supports this conclusion, but be on guard for a "last minute" breakthrough that opens the door to global governance.

Red-faced Times Abandons Fishy Eco Ad. The London Register, November 6, 2009. The London Times refused to run an eco-ad claiming the oceans would be fishless by 2049. This is the second time in a month that a major news outlet has challenged an eco-disaster story. In the past the main stream media has heralded all kinds of eco-disaster stories without checking the facts. The first rebuke happened a month ago when the BBC published an article on global warming, actually admitting there was hard evidence man was not causing it.

Kilimanjaro Ice Melt Is Not Global Warming. Examiner.com, November 4, 2009. The retreating snows of Kilimanjaro has long been the poster child proving man-caused global warming. It turns out that lack of precipitation for centuries has been slowly eroding the snow and ice cover as the ice sublimates (evaporates). There is very little evidence that any of the ice retreat was due to melting.

US Puts Climate Debate on Hold. Guardian, November 3, 2009. Harry Reid gave the US a breather by announcing any consideration of the cap and trade bill in the Senate will be postponed for 5 weeks after German Chancellor Angela Merkel admonished the Senate to pass it before the Copenhagen meeting next month. While this also seems to put the final nail in the Copenhagen coffin, be alert. Something seems to be brewing behind closed doors.

Consensus Is A Fake. Climate Depot, October 29, 2009. A letter signed by 160 distinguished Physicists of the American Physical Society was sent to the US Senate strongly asserting the "claim of consensus is fake, designed to stampede you into actions that will cripple our economy, and which you will regret for many years. There is no consensus." Remember, only 4 scientists within the 2007 IPCC process actually agreed with the so-called consensus document.

EU Strikes Climate Funding Deal. BBC. October 30, 2009. The EU agreed to give third world nations €100 billion a year to help them reduce their carbon emissions. It's a long ways from being a done deal, however. So far it is totally voluntary, which means if any of the EU members cough up anything at all, it will not be much. On the other hand it is sufficient to demand the US put up nearly $150. It is still doubtful it will be sufficient to get China and India to sign Copenhagen.

Europe Puts Figure on Green Aid to Push Climate Change Deal. The Guardian. Europe seems ready to put up €100 billion to assist third world nations conform to the new Copenhagen agreement. Europe demands the US do the same which would convert into nearly $150 billion. Lord Monkton was apparently right; a last minute deal seems to be underway to ensure acceptance of the new Copenhagen agreement and the institution of global governance.

The Sun Defines the Climate. Climate Depot, October 27, 2009. A prominent Russian scientist believes "we should fear a deep temperature drop -- not catastrophic global warming." He predicts serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of this global temperature drop. Editor's note: this is probably premature, but given the sun is heading for a record quiet period, he may have a point.
The Dark Side of Green. Newsweek, October 24, 2009. Governments are spending over $100 billion a year on renewable energy. In the US, over 1500 lobbying groups have spent more than $20 billion lobbying Congress to subsidize green energy even more. The only real tangible thing all this has produced in Europe, which has been doing this for more than 5 years, is corruption. Rather than more jobs and lower costs, jobs have been lost and it is getting more and more expensive. The solution? Let the free markets take over.
US Sovereignty and the Climate Summit. American Thinker, October 21, 2009. More details on the Copenhagen agreement suggest that all the squabbling so far might have been a ruse. It is confirmed that the language of the agreement does indeed establish a world government, massive income redistribution, and unaccountable enforcement mechanism. God help us!
Pain With No Gain. Investors.com, October 19, 2009. Proponents of cap-and-trade legislation have tried to convince the public that the regime would cost families only "about a postage stamp a day." The real cost might be closer to next-day delivery rates. All this pain will not even yield a measurable drop in earth's temperatures by 2050.
Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era. World Climate Report, October 6, 2009. Antarctica's summer sea ice melt was the lowest ever recorded in the Oct-Jan 2008-2009 summer. That means there has been less melting, even on the continent, which puts the cataclysmic forecasts of sea level rises and costal flooding in grave doubt. Maybe that is why this good news was not published in any major news media in the world.
Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming. Pew Research Center, October 22, 2009. Only 36 percent of Americans now.  believe that there is solid evidence that man is causing global warming. That's down from 47 percent in April and nearly 80 percent several years ago. That's the good news. The bad news is that 50 percent strongly support cap and trade legislation (32 percent strongly), and 55 percent don't even know what cap and trade is. Help them be educated by going to nocapandtrade.us.
West Antarctic Ice Loss Overestimated by NASA Satellites. The Register, October 20, 2009. For years we have been hearing that the Antarctic Icecap has been melting at an unheard of rate. It turns out that the icecap may not be melting that fast. A new ground truth check of NASA's measuring techniques indicate NASA may be way off and the icecap may not be melting any faster than it has for the past 20,000 years.
As Time Runs Out for Copenhagen, Nations May Settle for Interim Agreement. New York Times, October 20, 2009. A full-fledged treaty coming out of Copenhagen is highly unlikely. In its place it is likely that an legally binding "interim" agreement will be signed by Obama. This appears to be the application of the Hegelian Dialectic -- suggesting an outrageous "solution" to a problem and then settling on a "compromise" which was the goal all along. If Lord Monkton (below) is correct, this interim agreement could be as bad as a full treaty.
Copenhagen Goal Is a One-World Government. WorldNetDaily, October 17, 2009. MUST READ! For the past several months we have been reporting that the Copenhagen Conference in December was going to fail. If Lord Monkton, former British science advisor to PM Margaret Thatcher, is right, something will be pulled out of the hat at the last minute to convince most of the nations to accept the new Copenhagen Protocol. That something would include Obama ceding a huge chunk of US sovereignty to the UN and agreeing to a massive income redistribution scheme. Lord Monkton has read the consensus agreement for the conference and the first purpose will be to create a world government, the second would be the transfer of wealth from the developed to the undeveloped nations (including China), and the third purpose would be enforcement. While we have known for years this was a long-term goal, there has been heretofore no indication it would be at the heart of this protocol. To say this is sobering is an understatement.
UK Global Warming Ad Draws Hundreds of Complaints--To Scary for Kids?  bnet.com, October 16, 2009. Hundreds of viewers have complained about the ads sponsored by the British Government that are designed to scare people, especially children, into believing man is causing global warming and we must do everything we can to stop it, no matter what the cost. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority will decide next week on whether to 'investigate' the ad.
EU Blames U.S. for Climate Stalemate. Business Week, October 15, 2009. Much to their horror, globalists and environmentalists finally realize Copenhagen will be still-born. Now comes all the finger pointing. As usual, the EU is blaming the U.S. for its failure. In actuality, it is China and India, plus the third world nations which have to increasingly use fossil fuel energy to pull their citizens out of abject poverty. They want the developed nations to pay for it to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars to which the developed nations have said no. So the third world nations have said no to Copenhagen--they literally cannot afford it. To somehow force them to do it is economic imperialism.
2009 Declared Year the Media Lost Faith in Man-made Warming Fears. Climate Depot, October 15, 2009. Climate Depot's March Morano provides a long list of main-stream news articles that are beginning to question the man-caused global warming mantra. While true, the last being from the BBC 5 days ago, don't expect the media to turn on the alarmist man-caused agenda. After all, most main-stream media have their reputations on the line and they are not going to suddenly discredit themselves. At best we can expect a slowly increasing number of articles that question the long-held mantra. At worst, the mainstream media will cave into political pressure to revive the flagging agenda, especially as the Senate cap and trade bill begins to hit the news, probably next month.
The British are Turning on Climate Change. Financial Post, October 13, 2009. Great Britain has been strongly supportive of the belief man is causing global warming and strong sacrifices must be made to stop it. Strong legislation has been passed and students are indoctrinated on man's culpability. Polls show that the public no longer buys the decades of unrelenting propaganda of catastrophe. Like the US, belief that man is causing global warming has dropped below 50 percent. Therefore, the government is launching a £6 million ad campaign to scare the public back into fearing global warming.
What Happened to Global Warming? BBC, October 9, 2009. The BBC, an arch man-caused warming alarmist news organization, published this astonishing article Saturday that has set the mainstream media on their collective rear-ends. The BBC still hasn't got it quite right, but it basically admits the earth is cooling and the science is NOT settled. The BBC denies it has changed its position, but the fact that it has published both sides of this issue has sent a shockwave 'round the world. Will the New York Times be far behind? Not likely.
UK Ministers Launch Advertising Propaganda Campaign on Prime-Time TV. London Times Online, October 9, 2009. In what has to be the biggest government sponsored propaganda effort in the 21st century, "climate change sceptics are to be targeted in a hard-hitting [UK] advertising campaign that will be the first to state unequivocally that Man is causing global warming and endangering life on Earth." There is still no empirical scientific evidence to support this propaganda.
G8 States Could Face Class Actions on Climate Change. Irish Times, October 8, 2009. It was inevitable. By politicizing global warming and dogmatically sticking to the man-caused theory in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Third World nations are likely to sue the US and other developed nations of "planetary malpractice". Given the hatred of America, any case brought forward will undoubtedly succeed, resulting in fines of tens, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars. This is insanity.
Europe Fails Chemistry Test as Industry Heads East. London Times Online, October 7, 2009. "Billions of dollars of EU investment in heavy industry, notably refining and petrochemicals, is moving east in search of lower costs — and carbon trading is making the money drain flow faster." Warning: the same thing will happen the US if the U.S. Senate passes our cap and trade legislation.
Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels Ever. World Climate Report, October 6, 2009. The Antarctic icecap didn't melt so much this past 2008-2009 summer. In fact, it was the smallest melting ever recorded since measurements began in 1979. Sea ice accumulation for the 2009 winter (now just ending) appears to also be heading for a record in ice growth. Along with the rebuilding of the polar icecap the past two years, the likelihood of ocean flooding is further reduced. In fact, Ocean levels appear to be leveling off or declining the past two years.

Hot Air Rising. Boston Herald, October 4, 2009. The Herald's editorial staff exposes the fallacies of the new Boxer/Kerry "821-page aggregation of environmentalist dreams, rhetoric and directives..." found in their cap and trade scheme. They note that the bill "never specifies how initial emission rights are to be distributed, unlike the House bill that doles them out as favors to get votes for passage. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of corruption that will plague any cap and trade scheme that might pass.

A New Scientific Scandal. The Register, October 2, 2009. The now obvious data manipulation that created the IPCC's Hockey Stick Curve is reaching the stage of a scandal in the scientific community. It puts into serious doubt a number of other peer-reviewed papers used by the IPCC. "The scandal has serious implications for public trust in science. The IPCC's mission is to reflect the science, not create it....When the IPCC was alerted to peer-reviewed research that refuted the idea, it declined to include it." Those who understand the IPCC process fully understand it is a fraud promoting a political agenda, not science.

Defects in Key Climate Data Uncovered. Financial Post, October 1, 2009. Dr. Ross McKitrick explains the history of the Hockey Stick graph and what it means. Concludes McKitrick: "I have been probing the arguments for global warming for well over a decade. In collaboration with a lot of excellent coauthors I have consistently found that when the layers get peeled back, what lies at the core is either flawed, misleading or simply non-existent. The surface temperature data is a contaminated mess with a significant warm bias, and as I have detailed elsewhere the IPCC fabricated evidence in its 2007 report to cover up the problem. Climate models are in gross disagreement with observations, and the discrepancy is growing with each passing year. The often-hyped claim that the modern climate has departed from natural variability depended on flawed statistical methods and low-quality data. The IPCC review process, of which I was a member last time, is nothing at all like what the public has been told: Conflicts of interest are endemic, critical evidence is systematically ignored and there are no effective checks and balances against bias or distortion."

Boxer Celebrates As She Launches Senate Fight Over Global warming. McClatchy, September 30, 2009. Senators Boxer and Kerry launch the Senate cap and trade bill called the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. Although details will be revealed in future days, it calls for a 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, compared to only 15 percent for the House bill passed last June. Neither goal is possible with existing technology without electricity bills doubling for the American people.
More Blatant Fraud Discovered With the IPCC. Watts Up With That?, September 29, 2009. The Hockey Stick graph was first published in 1998 and instantly became the leading headline in newspapers, magazines and TV news worldwide. The graph showed a relatively flat temperature record for a thousand years with a very steep late twentieth century increase, hence the name. It was the centerpiece of the 2001 UN IPCC report. After 4 years of refusing to release the data that was used so it could be checked, the data was obtained another way and the authors were found to have used totally invalid statistics approach, which negated its results. Nonetheless, members of the IPCC and others stubbornly refused to abandon the graph. The original data was found this month to contain only cherry-picked data. When all the data was included, there was no sudden increase in earth's temperature in the late twentieth century. The entire hockey stick effort was a deliberate fraud--something that increasingly seems to be the case with scientists promoting man-caused global warming. 

Flawed Intelligence Guides the Obama Energy Plan. Washington Examiner, September 23, 2009. "...we have about 1 trillion barrels of recoverable oil shale, or about as much as the entire world’s known reserves. But [Interior Secretary] Salazar has stopped previously planned commercial leasing on government lands." Despite all the Congressional rhetoric about becoming energy independent, the White House and Congress are doing all they can to lock up cheap energy sources to force US citizens to depend on foreign supplies and extremely expensive renewable energy.

The Dog Ate Global Warming. nationalreviewonline.com, September 23, 2009. A MUST READ. We reported on August 13, 2009 that the British agency that stores all the original global temperature data supposedly lost that original data. It was speculated that the agency made this claim to keep climate skeptics from getting the data to analyze it. Patrick Michaels blows the lid off of this scam in this article. So what's the big deal? It now looks like the Senate will not consider the cap and trade bill this year (good), which will allow president Obama to authorize the EPA to issue a series of draconian regulations far worse than any cap and trade legislation (which is very, very bad). The already written EPA regulations are required by a Supreme Court ruling. In turn, the Court decision was based on the potentially corrupted temperature data, for which the original data no longer exists to challenge the decision. Very neat and tidy. Are we being blindsided?

Growth First, Climate Later. Financial Times, September 22, 2009. Copenhagen was essentially sidelined yesterday at another event, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Climate Change Summit in New York. There, along with Chinese leader Hu Jintao, U.S. President Barack Obama more or less shuffled climate control policy off into the great dreamscape of unattainable plans and long range objectives. The world may be safe for another day.
US-EU Rift Clouds Climate Summit. Financial Times, September 22, 2009. A growing rift between the US and Europe is overshadowing Tuesday’s United Nations climate change summit in New York, further damping hopes for a breakthrough at the Copenhagen talks in December. The EU is blaming lack of action in the US Senate because of the focus on healthcare. The world is saved for another day.
Earth Approaching Sunspot Records. Capital News, September 21, 2009. There is a feeling from some in the scientific community the Earth may be entering into a grand minimum, which is an extended period with low numbers of sunspots that creates cooler temperatures. The year without a summer, which was 1816, was during a grand minimum in 1800 to 1830 when Europe became cooler. Another grand minimum was in 1903 to 1913. Expect a colder winter this year.
Obama to Shift Focus to Climate Change. Los Angeles Times, September 21, 2009. After months of almost single-minded focus on healthcare, President Obama is about to shift the White House spotlight to global warming -- first with a speech to the United Nations in New York on Tuesday, then later in the week at the G-20 economic conference in Pittsburgh.
Pause in Arctic's Melting Trend. BBC News, September 17, 2009. The minimum arctic extent in 2009 was larger than either 2007 (the record ice retreat) or 2008. This shows a continuation of the recovery for the summer ice cap extent started in 2008. Although the article proclaims the melt-back will resume, it is very doubtful since the earth is now fully entrenched in a cooling cycle starting at the turn of the century.
Treasury Department: Cap and Trade Will Yield Hundreds of Billions in Tax Revenues. Washington Times, September 15, 2009. Internal memos reveal that officials at the Treasury Department think cap-and-trade legislation would cost taxpayers $100 to $200 billion in taxes annually, while the public doesn't even know it is a tax. These memos reveal the duplicity of what is said publicly and what the government actually thinks will happen. The government claims it will only cost about a $100 per family per year while Treasuring figures it is over $2000 per family per year.

The Role of the Sun

Several major scientific articles have come out in the past few days describing the importance of the sun in earth's climate. In total they further reinforce the sun/earth's climate relationship.

When the Sun Goes Quiet Earth Shivers. The Sydney Morning Herald, September 13, 2009. The number of sunspots - dark and intensely magnetic blotches on the sun's surface - are at their lowest since 1913. During the past millennium, whenever the sun experienced long periods of low sunspot numbers, Earth had equally long, cold snaps. Crop failures, famine and pestilence follows.

Svensmark: Global Warming Stopped and a Cooling is Beginning. Jyllands-Posten, September 12, 2009. “It is likely that the current year’s number of blank days will be the longest in about 100 years.” Everything indicates that the Sun is going into some kind of hibernation, and the obvious question is what significance that has for us on Earth." No climate model has predicted this. Sevensmark is the Danish Physicist who discovered the cosmic ray/solar wind relationship. Well worth reading.

The Global Food Crisis Revisited. MarketOracle.co.uk, September 12, 2009. Historical trends in the Midwest indicate a severe drought occurs every 20 years or so (tree rings indicate this cycle has persisted for 600 years) – and it has been roughly 20 years since the last major drought. Some meteorologist also suggest a correlation between the sunspot cycle, the sun’s energy that reaches the earth, and long term weather trends – claiming the lack of sunspots can cause global cooling.

Atmospheric Solar Heat Amplifier Discovered. The Resilient Earth, September 11, 2009. "For decades, the supporters of CO2 driven global warming have discounted changes in solar irradiance as far too small to cause significant climate change.... A new study in Science demonstrates how two previously known mechanisms acting together amplify the Sun's impact in an unsuspected way."

Scientists Discover Surprise in Earth's Upper Atmosphere. UCLA News, September 9, 2009. "UCLA atmospheric scientists have discovered a previously unknown basic mode of energy transfer from the solar wind to the Earth's magnetosphere."

Are sunspots Disappearing? Astrobiology Magazine, September 8, 2009. "Solar activity can have a profound effect on the Earth's climate and biosphere. For instance, some studies indicate that sunspot activity could be linked to weather patterns on Earth. Understanding the behavior of the sun can help scientists determine what effects the solar cycle will have on Earth in the years to come"

The War Between Developed and Undeveloped Nations Heating Up

Europe Tamps Down Expectations on Climate Funds. New York Times, September 10, 2009. The EU says it will not give financial support to Third world Nations Unless they commit to serious CO2 reductions. On the other hand, many of them said they would not hurt their economies. Right now, it is a standoff.

Sarkozy Calls for Carbon Tax on Imports. Financial Times, September 10, 2009. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, vows to impose severe taxes (tariffs) on imports from countries that do not have valid climate legislations.

US Warns Climate Funding for Poor Nations "Wildly Unrealistic". Reuters, September 10, 2009. The US says funding for poor nations is "wildly unrealistic". At the same time the US delegation is saying the US must pass climate legislation this fall, even in the face of economic suicide if China and India do not join a climate pact.

India May Need $1 Trillion to Slow Emissions. Bloomberg, September 10, 2009. India may need to spend up to 1.1 trillion over the next 20 years to slow emissions of CO2; something it will not do.

There were many other articles like this. The Copenhagen meeting, once billed as the most important in the history of the world, will be a failure. The First World Nations are developing the message that is the Third World Nations fault; while the Third World Nations are going to be accusing the First World Nations. Everyone goes home guiltless, and since nothing will happen, the world is saved once again.

A Different Take on Global Warming. SeacoastOnline.com, September 8, 2009. More and more "experts" are now refuting the man-caused warming theory. "No amount of "carbon management" and associated "green" efforts will stop the Arctic ice from melting." So why are we about to pass legislation that will cost the US trillions of dollars and each family up to $5,000 a year by 2030?

Global Warming Theory Received Coolly. LJWorld.com, September 7, 2009. Researcher claims the Danish cosmic radiation/solar activity/temperature theory is correct. Cosmic radiation causes ionization in the lower earth's atmosphere, which in turn causes more low cloud formation, more solar reflection (albedo), and cooling oceans. An active sun produces solar winds which dampen the cosmic rays, hence less cloud formation and more solar radiation warming the oceans. Thirty-four years later the ocean currents shift (The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO)) and the earth's climate shifts. The PDO/AMO effect on earth's climate is highly correlated. Trouble is, almost no research money is put into this research while billions goes into CO2 research, which admittedly has a very poor correlation to climate. Of course, CO2 research scientists loudly criticize this research.

Africa Threatens Copenhagen Walkout Over Climate Reparations. Daily Nation, September 3, 2009. Africa has drawn a line in the sand; pay $400 billion annually or they walk out of the Copenhagen talks. Of course, the developed nations will refuse (or had better refuse), which will gut the talks resulting in hot air and meaningless commitments. The world is saved once again.

Poor Nations need 'Wartime' Support Against Climate Change Says UN. AFP, September 1, 2009. The UN claims developed nations (i.e. the US) must give $600 billion a year to developing nations to cover their costs of curbing CO2 emissions.
China's High Price for Cuts in Emissions. Financial Times, September 3, 2009. China claims that it will cost $438 billion a year to curb CO2 emissions.

These two articles set the playing field for the upcoming Copenhagen agreements in December. These statements are obviously grandstanding, but according to independent analyses, not by much. Meanwhile, the US has its head in the clouds and claims that it will not cost US citizens more than a hundred dollars a year per family. That doesn't even pass the smell test. Independent analyses clearly show that it will cost $4000 to $5000 per family by 2030. That's trillions of dollars for the entire country. As long as the US and Europe continue to claim global warming is a global disaster, economic ruin awaits everyone, further antagonizing the developing nations. It is time to tell the US Senate man is NOT causing global warming and to NOT PASS THE CAP AND TRADE LEGISLATION.

Oil Refiners: Cap and Trade will Cost. Philadelphia Enquirer, August 27, 2009. The American Petroleum Institute released a study that clearly showed that refinery output would decline by 17 percent with the House cap and trade bill by 2030 -- further increasing oil imports and our dependence on foreign oil. Although the refinery industry only emits 4 percent of the CO2 emissions, the legislation holds them responsible for 44 percent of the nation's emissions. This type of political gamesmanship is also common in Europe and shows how the entire process is corrupted. Friends get a pass that is born by those not favored.

Carbon Baron Gore. Financial Post, August 26, 2009. Al Gore has pushed hard to force global warming legislation down our throats. Why? Because global warming hysteria has been profitable for him. Very profitable. His net worth has gone from $2 million to well over $100 million in the 9 years since leaving politics. Many expect him to become a billionaire if the cap and trade legislation is passed into law through a number of investments that depend on that legislation being passed. What has this to do with saving the planet? Nothing. It's all about money. That's true with just about everyone promoting cap and trade legislation.

Could Australia Blow Apart the Great Global Warming Scare? Real Clear Politics, June 24, 2009. This is a bit old, but it explains the dynamics of the complete reversal of climate thinking that led to the defeat of Australia's cap and trade bill in the Australian Senate. We are seeing evidence the same thing is happening in the United States and is the main reason we have created the www.nocapandtrade.us website and YouTube videos. This article is well worth the read.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Seeks Trial on Global Warming. Los Angeles Times, August 25, 2009. In an unique effort to publicly expose the man-caused global warming theory is a fraud, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is considering suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if it declares CO2 a pollutant that threatens humans. The threat from EPA could come as a result of its proposed ruling last April which would require the EPA to regulate CO2 emissions from small business up. It would be far worse than the U.S. House of Representatives cap and trade legislation passed last June. If the Chamber can do it, they will win hands down because the overwhelming scientific evidence is that man cannot be causing global warming. The EPA says the lawsuit would be "frivolous" and a "waste of time."

EPA's Greenhouse Gas Ruling Defies Economic Warming. Los Angeles Times, May 13, 2009. As the EPA's ruling of endangerment by CO2 readies for public release, other federal agencies warn the ruling was "likely to have serious economic consequences" for small businesses and the economy. That is an understatement. The ruling would affect almost every product and activity by humans in the United States. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that man cannot be causing global warming, the EPA's proposed ruling concludes that the evidence in support of its finding was "compelling and, indeed, overwhelming..."

Africa Wants $67 Billion a Year in Global Warming Funds. Reuters August 24, 2008. Africa will demand $67 billion a year from the US and Europe to sign on to the Copenhagen agreement in December. While the demand is down from the $100 billion before, it still represents a huge amount. Obama has said in his campaign that he supports such payoffs. However, it is doubtful it will ever happen.

Drop in World Temperatures Fuels Global Warming Debate. McClatchy News, August 19, 2009. Global temperatures have dropped by 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit since they peaked in 1998 fueling the skeptics belief that natural variability causes climate change. However, very few scientists, including the skeptics, believe the cooling to be long lasting. Most believe it may last another decade or two, and then the warming will resume. Why? Because the solar/ocean oscillations will reverse themselves again and the general warming since the Little Ice Age ending in 1850 will resume. The July warming caused by the formation of El Nino is an example of how powerful these natural forces are.

Australian Senate Votes Cap and Trade Legislation Down. ABC News, August 13, 2009. As Expected, the Australian Senate voted down a cap and trade scheme similar to that being proposed in the US. The "shoe-in" legislation was suddenly reversed last June when a key Australian Senator attended an international conference sponsored by the Heartland Institute and cosponsored by Sovereignty International that the overwhelming evidence showed that man was not responsible for global warming.

Greenpeace's Director Busted for Lying About Global warming. Business Insider Greensheet, August 21, 2009. Greenpeace's executive director, Gerd Leipold, was busted by the BBC's Stephen Sackur for lying about the effects of global warming. He claimed that the arctic icecaps would melt by 2030. He now admits that claim is false, it is now growing again, but claimed Greenpeace has to "emotionalize issues, and we're not ashamed" of it. That's the same thing Dr. Stephen Snyder said a number of years ago that scientists must do to make people believe their alarmist message. That's why we are now building policy around lies. Finally, the BBC called a spade a spade.

It's Time to Drop the Alarmism and Get Real About Climate Change. Whig Standard Opinion. August 17, 2009. "Success" in Copenhagen won't be defined by lowering greenhouse-gas emissions. It will be defined by whether the developed world -- including Canada -- bribes the developing world -- led by China and India -- with sufficient billions of our money, to purportedly reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions emissions, so that participants emerge declaring that a deal to "save the planet" has been reached. But it won't lower emissions. All it will do is make the world safer for hedge fund managers and energy companies as they rake in undeserved profits in the global "cap and trade" market about to be unleashed on us all.

The Crisis of Germany’s Green Energy Policy. Zeit Online, August 13, 2009. Germany has installed €40 billion ($56 billion) worth of solar panels. Yet, that has produced less than 1 percent of their energy consumption needs. By 2013 the cost will grow to €77 billion ($108 billion)! The inefficiency of this program should be a warning to the United States. Germany's population  is 83 billion while that of the U.S. is 307 million, or 3.7 times greater. Since the U.S. cap and trade legislation mandates that a minimum of 15 percent of our electricity be renewable by 2015 from the 4.2 percent today, and solar accounts for less than 1 percent, or a total of 4 percent by 2015. Germany spent $108 billion achieving 0.3 percent for only 83 million people. To achieve 4 percent by 2015 for a population of 307 million would cost $1.6 trillion -- and that does not include the cost of wind power! All analyses have projected a much lower cost, but Germany's actual cost suggests these projections are too low.

Bonn Climate Talks 'augur badly' for Copenhagen Summit. EurActiv.com, August 18, 2009. In December of this year there will be a major meeting in Copenhagen to hammer out a new treaty to replace the failed and expiring Kyoto Protocol. The August 10-14 meeting in Bonn, Germany to write this new treaty met with resistance and very little progress was made. China and India, which will be the largest emitters of CO2 in the future still refuse to sign this new treaty. In total, it is very doubtful that a new treaty will be forthcoming at the Copenhagen Summit -- and the entire world will be much better off because of its failure!

EU R&D Efforts Hampered by 'Eco-Religion.' EurActiv.com, July 31, 2009. One of the driving forces behind the environmental movement is pantheism, or the belief that nature is god and must be protected at all costs. In such a belief system, human needs are of secondary importance. This belief is entrenched in both the U.S. and Europe, but much more widespread in Europe. Central to this belief is the Precautionary Principle which states that humans must not do anything that might cause damage to the environment. Therefore, all possible negative consequences must first be researched and found innocent before any product or technology can be introduced. Since it is impossible to prove that a negative will never happen, progress slowly grinds to a halt. The entire global warming hypothesis is based on this. This philosophy is now causing serious harm to Europe. Nonetheless, politicians love it because it gives them something to hide behind.

Climate Change Measure Should Be Set Aside, U.S. Senators Say. Bloomberg, August 14, 2009. Four Democrats in the U.S. Senate say that the cap and trade legislation should be delayed for a year because of all the other legislation that has been passed or is being considered. In other words, it is too much and the people are starting to rebel. While Senator Reed is still likely to bring it to the floor this year, more and more Senators are realizing that it is likely to cause a backlash among their constituencies. Especially when there is no science to back up the need for the legislation.

Global Warming Alarmists 'Lost' Data and Skew Results. Examiner.com, August 13, 2009. The British Agency that holds and analyzes all the ground temperature stations in the world has only allowed access to their data by scientists who support the man-caused warming hypothesis. Those scientists who disagree have never been allowed to have the raw data. After several key scientists requested the raw data using Freedom Of Information Request, the agency suddenly claimed that the data was 'lost,' and the only data that was available was 'messaged' data. This stinks no matter what the truth really is. It gives every indication that the data has been messaged to provide a pre-determined outcome. This is just another of a rapidly growing list of suspected data manipulation cases where in studies that seems to support man-caused warming.

Desperation Time: NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears. NYT, August 9, 2009. In an apparent desperate attempt to keep the man-caused global warming fear alive the New York Times and warming alarmists are now trying to make stopping global warming a national security issue. The overwhelming peer-reviewed science, an increasingly vocal backlash from the scientific community (including many IPCC scientists), and cooling global temperatures is causing the entire man-caused global warming theory to collapse. The heart of the “national security” argument is merely a redux of the 1970's laughable scares about famines and resource scarcity.

Scientists Mull Quiet '09 Hurricane Season. Metro International, August 10, 2009. Here’s an inconvenient truth: This year’s hurricane season has gotten off to the slowest start in 17 years. And yet global warming alarmists continue to ring their doomsday sirens. It is ironic that while the alarmists are saying that one year (2009) does not mean that there will be more and stronger hurricanes, the same alarmists claimed that the active year of 2005 was proof that man-caused global warming causes more and stronger hurricanes. There is near unanimous agreement with real hurricane scientists that there is no correlation between global warming and hurricanes.

Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate! Climate Depot, July 29, 2009. This research study adds even more strong evidence that man cannot be causing global warming. Various studies have shown that the sun, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), the Atlantic Pacific Multi-decadal Oscillation and now the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) individually account for 70 to 80 percent of the earth's climate variability while CO2 accounts for only 44 percent. (These oscillations are massive changes in the ocean surface temperatures; like El Nino except bigger and longer in duration). Preliminary work combining the various oscillations push the correlation to nearly 90 percent). Attempts to discredit this research have failed.

Consensus' Takes Another Hit! More than 60 German Scientists Dissent Over Global Warming Claims! Climate Depot, August 4, 2009. More than 60 prominent German scientists have publicly declared their dissent from man-made global warming fears in an Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The more than 60 signers of the letter include several United Nations IPCC scientists. They called the fear of global warming a 'pseudo' religion and want Chancellor Merkel to stop the implementation of harsh regulations that are hurting the German economy.

Global Warming and the Poor. Wall Street Journal, 8-4-09. Between India and China there are nearly 1.3 billion people who live on less than $2 a day. There is no hope for them if these nations cannot increase their use of energy. Hence, both nations refuse to sign on to a global warming protocol that will stop them from providing that energy to their poor. The same is true for other impoverished nations as well. It is ludicrous to think they would further impoverish their people by signing onto a climate policy developed by the first world.

Ocean Temperatures: The New Bluff in Climate Alarmism. Science & Public Policy Institute, 7-21-09. The report summarizes hard research on how earth's air and ocean temperatures have fallen during the twenty-first century, when the climate alarmists are claiming just the opposite. The Summary for Policymakers tells volumes for a quick read, but the entire report is worth it for those who want to get into the nitty-gritty.

Climate Fixers' Hard Sell. Washington Post, 7-23-09. George Will defines the absurdity of all the machinations to pass a climate treaty in the face of undeniable evidence that man cannot be causing global warming. The Chinese and Indians have figured it out and refuse to sacrifice their economies on the alter of global warming.

Is the Sun Missing It's Spots? New York Times, 7-20-09. Solar cycle 24 seems to be sputtering into life. It was supposed to happen in mid-2007, but has been extremely quiet. Solar scientists now believe the entire cycle will be quite long (12-13 years) and well below normal activity, the quietest since the 1920s. There has been a reasonably good correlation since the 1700s that shows a long, quiet solar cycle is accompanied by a cooling earth because more cloud-forming cosmic rays can reach the earth's surface. Solar winds from an active sun block the cosmic rays, hence fewer clouds and a warming earth.
Solar Cycle Affecting Global Climate, Say scientists. Domain-b.com, 7-16-09. Another research study has found a cause and effect between solar activity and earth's climate. The effect is something like an El Nino event.
The Earth Is Cooling. Nashua Telegraph, 7-18-09. Since 2007 record low temperatures, record high and early snowfalls, and snowfalls occurring where it hasn't been seen for 50 years or more are blowing holes in the man-caused global warming theory. The earth has cooled by over a half of a degree since Al Gore's Inconvenient truth was released. So why are we hell-bent-for-leather to pass an $864 billion cap and trade bill?

Why Poor Countries Won't Curb Emissions. Forbes.com. 7-15-09. Poor countries like India use 15 times less energy that the average US citizen. Increasing per capita use of energy (i.e. carbon emissions) is the only way these nations can raise their per capita standard of living from squalor to what we in the US would consider poor. It is therefore a no brainer that they would refuse to sign on to something that would keep them in abject poverty.

Scientists Can Explain Only Half of Global Warming. The Hindu. 7-15-09. "There appears to be something fundamentally wrong with the way temperature and carbon are linked in climate models," so claims a new peer-reviewed study. The study explodes Al Gore's depiction of CO2 controlling past temperature, and throws into serious doubt the role CO2 played in the twentieth century.

The rise of the carbon oligarchs. Washington Times, 7-12-09. As the globe cools, Washington heats up by passing cap and trade the opens the door wide open to corruption with those with friends in high places get special treatment and those that don't find themselves out of business.

Senate Won't Bow to Global Warming Propagandists, Hopefully. Portland Examiner. 7-11-09. In a growing backlash within the media, more and more news outlets are seeing the science of man-caused global warming for what it is--a fraud--and cap and trade is a fast track to serfdom. They are also hoping that the Senate will not be so easy to fool as was the House. 

Cap and Trade - Illusion of New Green Economy. Right Side News. 7-12-09. Dr. Spencer is one of only a few leading climate scientists in the world. He has been the driving force behind the global microwave satellite system. He provides a very good insight into the folly of cap and trade using phantom green technology. Worth the read.

UN IPCC Scientists Say Global Warming Big Deception. Right Side News. 7-10-09. A dozen internationally respected scientists tell us why CO2 is not a pollutant, is absolutely necessary for life on earth and that it is not responsible for global warming.

G8 Stalemate Shows It's Time for Climate Cool-down. Financial Post. 7-10-09. All the flowery congratulations of setting carbon goals at the G8 are meaningless. There is wide disagreement even between first world nations on what should be done and when it should be done. But China, India and now Russia are adamantly dead set against any carbon reductions which makes anything the first world nations do meaningless.

All Sides Need Voices in Global Warming Debate. Detroit News. 7-10-09. This is not news, but an excellent column about how the truth about global warming is being deliberately shut out. He notes, for instance, how the EPA covered up an internal report detailing how man cannot be causing global warming, and that the 2008 global temperature was the same as that in 1910 and that we are in global cooling, not global warming.

House Bill Introduced  Denying Funding For IPCC. Press Release 7-8-09. Although the Democrats will certainly squash the effort, Representative Luetkemeyer (R-MO) introduced legislation to cut off funding for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change because of the politicization of science to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. He noted over 700 leading international scientists have now abandoned the man-caused theory compared to 56 scientists who wrote the IPCC's 2007 report.

Russia Rejects G8 Emissions Cut Target. Rianovosti. 8-9-09. Russia flat-out rejected the G8's recommendation for carbon emission cuts. The rejection by Russia, along with the rejection by China, India, and many other developing nations, appears to be a coordinated effort to undercut President Obama's glowing proclamation of success. Obama chaired the session and had a lot of his prestige on the line.

G-8 and Developing Nations Differ Over Emissions Cuts. Wall Street Journal. 7-8-09. As expected, the Group of Eight, meeting in Italy, trumpeted an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent by 2050. However, it is meaningless because they did not set intermediate goals nor did they agree on how to much money to give to developing nations.  Without tackling these issues, the agreement is nothing more than hot air.

Senator's Testimony Insists Nuclear Energy is Only Viable Option. The Chattanoogan. 7-7-09. Senator Lamar Alexander told administration officials the only cost effective way to reduce our carbon emissions is to build nuclear power plants, not costly and inefficient wind and solar farms. Note: France has produced 80 percent of its electricity by nuclear for decades without any problems; environmental or human health.

Green-industrial complex gets rich from carbon laws. The Australian, 7-3-09. *Outstanding Article. There is a very dangerous green public-private partnership developing between international companies, governments, eco-groups and powerful individuals like Gore, who profit tremendously at a terrible cost to the masses.

Due Diligence on Australia's Environmental Minister Wong's answer to Senator Fielding's challenge on global warming.  July 3, 2009. Just as Congress passed HR 2454 cap and trade legislation, we reported that Australia was canning their legislation. Australia's Senator Fielding asked Environment Minister Wong to justify the need for their draconian cap and trade legislation. Wong replied with the discredited IPCC dogma, and four of Australia's leading climate scientists took Wong's response apart. exposing the IPCC's science for the fraud it is. For all practical purposes, cap and trade in Australia is dead.

China blasts US climate bill enabling penalties on trade partners  Space Daily 7-2-09. China has long opposed a new climate treaty which would harm their growing economy. China has set up impossible conditions for the US to meet before they would even consider a new treaty, believing that the US could never implement them. That would allow them to save face by not having to bluntly say no to the world community. However, now that Congress has passed HR 2454 cap and trade legislation that mandates that the US impose a huge tariff on nations not having their own economic suicide legislation, China's China's bluff has been called and they are not happy.

UN, WTO call for trade shift to halt climate change.  EurActive 7-2-09. The World Trade Organization, which can impose penalties on nations for imposing tariffs, is strongly leaning towards allowing tariffs on products coming from countries not having economy-killing cap and trade , or similar legislation. This will devastate poverty-stricken third world nations and prevent them from ever getting out of poverty. It is called Economic Imperialism.

Stop scaring kids about global warming Detroit News 7-1-09. Bjorn Lomborg, whose book the Skeptical Environmentalist, rocked the environmental world by exposing the pseudoscience behind most environmental scare stories, makes the case against scaring young kids. Although Lomborg still believes in man-caused global warming, he warns that fully 1/3 of all pre-teenagers in the US believe their is no future for them because of global warming. "This is grossly harmful," he claims.

Global Warming Produced the Inca Empire. Living Peru, 7-1-09. 
A new study has revealed the the Inca civilization, larger than the Ming Dynasty in China and the Ottoman Empire, was probably precipitated during a warming period in which global temperatures were about a degree and a half higher than today. In fact, many studies show that civilizations have advanced when there is global warming, and die out when there is prolonged global cooling.

Internationally Known Scientists Write Letter to President Obama, 'You Have Been Deceived About Global Warming, The Earth Has Been Cooling for Ten Years.  Climate Depot 7-1-09. Seven highly credentialed scientists wrote a letter to President Obama highlighting how he is being deceived by false information about man-caused global warming.

India Rejects Any Greenhouse-Gas Cuts Under New Climate Treaty Bloomberg 6-30-09. China and India have balked at a new climate treaty expected in December at Copenhagen for months. Now India has formerly rejected it. Look for more third world nations to follow suit. Such a treaty would condemn these nations to perpetual poverty.

Obama Wary of Tariff Provision. Wall Street Journal. In a last minute inclusion, House democratic leaders inserted a provision for heavy tariffs to be imposed on products imported from countries not having their own cap and trade regulations. This was done  to level the playing field and prevent the flood of US industries moving offshore because of the huge energy costs resulting from H.R. 2454. Many are concerned the provision will precipitate a trade war.

Carbongate--EPA Suppresses It's Own Report Contradicting Their Political Position. Investors Business Daily. The scientific community is abuzz with this smoking gun that clearly shows the Obama EPA is suppressing evidence that man is not causing global warming -- written by EPA's own personnel. So much for transparency.

House Narrowly Passes Climate Bill Fox News. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the highly controversial American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 Friday night, June 26. It represents the biggest tax hike in U.S. history by orders of magnitude and establishes a bureaucracy that the European experience is highly corruptible and economically damaging. It still has to go to the Senate, which should take it up this fall.

H.R. 2454--American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, A SummaryGovTrack.us. A summary of the 1500 page H.R. 2454. Be prepared for a shock.

Australia Abandoning Its Own Cap and Trade Legislation. Wall Street Journal. The Australian Senate is  voting down the House's cap and trade legislation because the science is just not there. There is also a growing backlash in Europe where cap and trade legislation is severely hurting economies.

Green Jobs a Cost, Not Benefit, to the National Economy Study done by the Beacon Hill Institute, Boston. The study found major economic flaws in all the glowing projections of the benefits of creating green jobs. The study revealed that, in fact, creating green jobs will actually destroy far more existing jobs -- something that Europe and especially Spain are actually experiencing.

Carbon Dioxide, Infrared Radiation and the Forgotten Question Hawaii Reporter. This article provides one of the best explanations of why increasing atmospheric CO2 cannot physically cause more warming of the earth. In short, the long-wave irradiative bands at which CO2 absorbs radiation is already saturated. Therefore adding more CO2 cannot trap more heat any more than an overflowing sink cannot hold any more water.

Crops under stress as temperatures fall. London Telegraph. The extremely cold winters and springs the past two seasons have resulted in major crop failures and a global food crisis. Rather than global warming causing super storms and crop loses, as we are commonly told, it is global cooling that we need to worry about. As referenced in the DVD, massive famine was common during the Little Ice Age in the 1700-1800s in Europe. The same seems to be happening now that we are in a global cooling (not warming) cycle.

Big Oil Is Biggest Investor in Greenhouse Gas-Curbing Technologies New York Times. Big oil and utilities invested six and a half times more in research than did the federal government between 2000 and 2008. This is opposite what most people believe.

China doesn't give a stuff about global warming London Telegraph Blog. Blogger details why China is stringing along Europe and the US on a new Copenhagen Climate agreement to replace the failed Kyoto Protocol. They have no intention of supporting any agreement and would like to bankrupt the Western Nations for their stupidity. That is exactly what the Chinese delegation told me personally in private at COP 5 many years ago. MS Coffman, Ph.D.

Carbon Pollution Expected to Grow by 40 Percent. An analysis by the federal Energy Information Administration claims that global carbon emissions will increase by 40 percent 2030; 94 percent of this will come from the expanding economies of the developing nations. Of the 94 percent, two-thirds will be from China India, Russia and Brazil.

China Pans US Over Climate Demands. Prior to meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi China demands the US do much more to reduce emissions before China will sign on to any new agreement in Copenhagen this December. They were especially hard on President Obama calling his pledges "insufficient insufficient and his demands for developing countries are unrealistic." China wants the US to slash emissions by 40% by 2020 and give developing nations 1% ($150,000) a year, something the US cannot do. This rhetoric may be a negotiating tool, or it may be a way for China to save face while sabotaging the new climate agreement.

China Gets Tough on Climate Change Talks. Financial Times. China demands that rich countries (i.e. the US) reduce CO2 emissions by 40 % by 2020 and give 3rd World nations the equivalent of $150 billion per year to help them implement climate goals. Both are impossible. China is doing this so the failure of Copenhagen in December of 2009 is blamed on the US and not China.

The Missing Sunspots: Is This the Big Chill? The Independent. The sun has been amazingly quiet for nearly three years now – more quiet than in the collective memory of any scientist living today. Previous quiet periods have been accompanied by a cooling, even cold, climate leading a rapidly increasing number of scientists to abandon the CO2 man-caused warming theory and predict we are entering a new cooling cycle.

Wind power is a complete disaster Financial Post. In nations like Denmark and Germany that have led the way in tapping wind power to reduce carbon emissions have found it is extremely expensive and may be actually causing more carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

Computer Climate Models may be Using Wrong Ocean Circulation Assumptions. Drifting deep ocean temperature sensors have shown that the long held assumption of the Atlantic Conveyor Belt -- used in all climate models -- is not correct, introducing yet another error in climate models.

Senate blow to climate change laws Financial Times. Nearly two dozen democrats undermined Congressional leadership's efforts to ram through Obama's cap and trade legislation without debate.

Founder of Weather Channel Testimony in Congress. Dr. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, testified before Congress that man is not causing global warming.

Chill winds take heat off global warming London Times is finally printing stories that man-caused warming may not be happening after all.

U.N. Con on Global Warming Nearly Foiled  NewsMax. Americans beginning to realize that the UN's global warming agenda is false.

31,000 scientists sign petition claiming that that there is no scientific justification for man causing global warming Over 9,000 of these signers are Ph.D.s, showing claim that there is scientific consensus is blatantly false!

Scientists Overwhelmingly Disclaim Role of CO2 in Global Warming   A report on the 2008 International Convention on Climate Change held in New York City
Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate Summary for Policy Makers written by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. Released at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change
Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Arthur B. Robinson, Noah E. Robinson, and Willie Soon. A summary of the state of science clearly showing global warming has been the result of natural processes, not man emitted carbon dioxide.
The Global Warming Fraud  Michael Coffman
Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth One sided, Misleading, Exaggerated, Speculative, Wrong Marlo Lewis, Jr. summarizes the errors and distortions of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.
Antarctic Temperature and Sea Ice Trends Over the Last Century George Taylor analyzes the Antarctic temperatures and finds a slight decline while sea ice is growing (it reached record size in 2007, after this report was published)
Misleading Reports about Antarctica Meteorologist Joe D'Aleo explains the false impression the media provide suggesting shrinking sea ice around Antarctica when in fact the sea ice extent is reaching record levels.
Variable Solar Irradiance Plausibly Explains Arctic Temperature Variations  Dr. Willie Soon demonstrates that the sun explains 75 percent of the temperature variation in the Arctic.