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This section provides lesson plans for each of the three lesson videos. Lesson plans  include activities that focus on vocabulary words, terminology definitions appropriate for the lesson, student classroom activities and the interpretation of graphs shown in the video.

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Video highlights provide six to eight minute highlights of each Lesson in DVD  


(included in the student section):

The Hockey Stick and Heat Island Science Fraud: The Hockey Stick fraud is even worse than originally thought as two totally different data sources were used to create the hockey stick curve and the Heat Island Effect is not excluded in the global temperature data, which artificially increases warming in the latter twentieth century.
Massive Data Fraud in NOAA and NASA: Segment 4 of Global Warming, The Other Side. The data used by NOAA and NASA is shown to have excluded temperature data from northern latitudes and high elevations since 1980 which automatically shows greatly increased temperatures that supposedly shows great man-caused global warming. Also discusses Britain's Climate Research Unit's (CRU) massive data manipulation called Climategate.
The Amazing Story of Al Gore, Global Governance, & The United Nations' IPCC. Segment 2 of Global Warming, The Other Side. The story of Roger Revelle and Al Gore and Maurice Strong and the UN IPCC. Gore's mentor. Revelle did early research on carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. He then had Gore as a student (Gore got a D for the class) where Gore heard of the idea of global warming for this first time. Late scientist and teacher Revelle realized that CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas, but Gore dismissing Revelle as senile and refuses to debate. The UN's Maurice Strong feel into the trap of the same bad science and now the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change holds on to its global warming claims despite the failure of its computer models to verify.
The UN IPCC Fraud: The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is supposed to be the last word on unbiased science concerning global warming. In fact, the IPCC stifles any science that contradicts its man-caused mantra. It must not be used to justify cap and trade legislation.
Why Climate Models Are Wrong: Climate models make fundamentally wrong assumptions that makes it appear earth will suffer runaway warming. These models are inevitably wrong every time. Dr. Roy Spencer explains in easy to understand language current climate models are wrong because they assume positive feedbacks that are not real in nature, rather than negative feedbacks which have been proven to be real. Dr. Spencer describes a much simpler model that explains climate variation in the 20th century.
The Carbon Footprint: The carbon footprint is a political construct designed to create fear that man was causing global warming. Carbon dioxide is not, cannot be a pollutant. It is a miracle gas that is essential for life on earth. It was ten times more abundant in geologic history. All plants on earth are CO2 starved. So increased levels of carbon dioxide has been a blessing to ecosystems and food production. Scientists have found that the increased CO2 in the atmosphere has already increased global food production 12 percent. It is a free fertilizer.
Your Carbon Footprint is Not Creating a Climate Crisis: Segment 1of Global Warming, The Other Side. Refutes the bad science behind the global warming frenzy. We explain the hypothesis of your carbon footprint, the result of the CO2 that enters the atmosphere as a result of burning of fossil fuels to support your lifestyle. We show how that theory has failed to verify and has proven to be wrong.
Debunking the Global Warming Frenzy & Dire Predictions. Segment 1of Global Warming, The Other Side. The global warming frenzy is full of dire predictions of melting ice, dying polar bears, flooding coastlines, heat waves, superstorms and epidemics. This segment debunks them all.